10 Reasons Why Healthy Competition Is King For Online Marketers!

How To Create Passive Income Online

It’s funny how you always want to avoid competition when you venture into a new business opportunity. I don’t know about you, but I had that urge for a while when I started marketing online. I often looked for markets where there was no or very little competition, where the marketers in that space would not intimidate me.

Whilst it is important to analyze your competition, it is equally important to realize that you need competition if you want to become a respected Online marketer.

How To Create Passive Income Online

First up though, I want to say the following: “There is a difference between competition and healthy competition”. What you don’t want is a situation where you compete in an unhealthy, unprofitable market. To help you out, go check out this article:

Ultimately making sure you are in a healthy market is incredibly important. Prior to starting a blog, just make sure you enter a healthy market. If you already have a blog, check it out against these warning signs.

Right, let’s get into it…

1. You will LEARN a heck of a lot pretty quickly…

Forget the money for now, just learn as much as you can. This is not to say you forget about making money. That would be dumb because we all in it for the income. HTCPIB made it’s first dollars ($130) within the first 3 months.

However, my point is this – try by all means to look for market leaders in your niche. If they have a readership of more than 10 000, sign up and follow them! Your knowledge will benefit you greatly over the long term. In fact in a blog post titled “Why making Money Online In The 1st 6 Months Doesn’t Matter”, you’ll get better insight on placing higher value on knowledge and participation over money initially.

2. There is an EXISTING AUDIENCE already…

Where there’s competition, there is an audience. Don’t focus on out-competing your competition, rather focus on how you can tap into the existing audience.

3. There will be a FUTURE AUDIENCE…

The internet is a fascinating platform. If the competition is healthy, you can bet your last penny there is a new audience created every day. There will be new people searching for what you have to offer in future.


I read a tweet once from Bishop Noel Jones, and it read as follows: “if you have no haters you are not that gifted!!!!”. For a second, I thought to myself: OUCH! But then I read this again and it made perfect sense. Call them haters or people you piss off every now and again, the fact remains you need them! Where there is competition, you are bound to piss people off and it’s cool. Go ahead and do it because it will re-affirm that you are well on track.

5. It will force you to be DIFFERENT…

Competition will force you to be different! What on earth are you offering that everyone else isn’t? I always try to differentiate myself by offering simple solutions. Every time I write or come up with an idea, I always ask: “Will this make my audience’s life simpler?” If not, I’m likely to scrap it. Also try to bring your personality into your blog. What kind of a person are you and how can you add a different flavour to your audience? All these small, yet important aspects will help you to be different.

6. You will always have CONTENT to write about…

Content is key! When there is competition, you can follow the blogs of those leaders, participate on forums, etc. On these various platforms, people chat and share their experiences and frustrations. Take note of these and come up with content that will help them address those frustrations. Without competition, you are likely to write content that you think is relevant, when in fact it isn’t.

7. You can MARKET yourself pretty easily every day…

To build a popular blog, you need to market yourself. Doing something daily that will help you achieve this. Check my article titled: “Can’t Keep Up? 10 Ways To Simplify Your Blogging Schedule”.

8. You’ll become an ETHICAL marketer…

Online Marketing is huge. As much as it is huge, there are tons of unethical marketers. Most of them do it in a very subtle way. Others are very blatant and couldn’t care less. They are just out there to make a quick buck. You don’t want to be seen as unethical. Yes, at times there is a thin line. In a large, competitive market you’ll soon pick up what is ethical and what isn’t. You can then start building your business into a long term business by being ethical. Don’t opt for short cuts!

9. Successful competitors will burn you to PRODUCTIVITY…

Good competition will let you know when they have either done well or are doing well. Don’t you just jump to action when you see a headline such as this: ”How I made $27 000 in the previous month”. Now that you know someone is doing it, you are bound to get your butt to work (that’s if you are serious about building an effective business online!). Over and above your own objectives, you need that reality check that will keep you burning with desire and help you to use your time wisely to create wealth.

10. You’ll become HUMBLE…

This is one that will get you through your lows and highs. The reality is that we all have our own strengths and weaknesses. God has gifted each one of us in a completely different way. Competition will teach you one thing: “Success does not come from competing with your competitors, but rather appreciating them for who they are and leveraging off it”. Your competitors are not really your competitors. They are there to humble you enough to appreciate that they also have a very valuable role to play in the niche that you operate in.

In conclusion, I have to say that I value my competitors. They are my mentors, mirror of reflection, motivation, reality check, etc. I could never survive without them. I would really like to urge you to start appreciating your competitors and viewing them in a positive light.

I really hope you’ve found value from this article. If you have, please feel free to share it.

I’d also like you to give me feedback. In your feedback, please consider the following:

  1. Do you think you are in a healthy profitable market?
  2. Have you identified competitors who are market leaders in your niche?
  3. How often do you go and check your competition out?
  4. Do you think you have a key differentiator?
  5. Does making money sometimes tempt you to do unethical stuff?

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